The History Avenue Style Salon

There is a rich history that goes back many years.  In 1971, Mel, Keith, Fred, and Ray Walker moved from Hillside and Central from a shop called Cassitys.  This shop was owned by Walt Cassity until 1969 when Mel bought it from him. So we started looking for a place to move.  The West side of downtown was starting to develop nicely with the new Century II,  the Garvey Compex including the Holiday Inn.  The Holiday Inn was joined at the lower level with both the newer R.H. Garvey and Paige Court.  This new area was called Kiva, an American Indian term meaning Underground Meeting Place.  Our first location was on the east wall by the stairs going to the R.H. Garvey Building.  In October 1976 we moved into a bigger location and added 2 more stylists and stayed there for 23 years.  In 1997 we moved to the Cargill building and in 2010 moved once again to Paige Court where we are currently.  


In all those years, there are so many stories to share such as:  They saw the sniper in 1976.  Saw famous people as Sonny and Cher, KISS without their makeup, John Denver, Rod Steward kicked out of the hotel, as well as Harry Chapin a few weeks before he was killed in his automobile accident.  Fred even got to cut Tanya Tucker's hair!


This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the history of this group.  They are beyond a building or location, they are about each other.


Make sure to take time to ask them more regarding the past, I am sure they would be more than glad to share that while you sit in their chair!