Decorative and fragrant, the charming new Claire Burke Electric Fragrance Warmer softly illuminates light through the signature diamond cut-outs while releasing a concentrated fragrance in your favorite Claire Burke scent. Just as an appealing scent makes you want to linger in a room, designer touches in any room give a hint of how much you’ll enjoy spending time there.


This simple, classic fragrance warmer fits with any decorating style, and while the fragrance refills come in a variety of subtle and vibrant colors to match their individual scents, the specific color will never be noticed...unless a guest wants a closer look at what smells so good

When a friend drops by unexpectedly, or an informal gathering turns into a party, you won’t need to worry about the fragrance of your home. With its long-lasting burst of scent, the Vapourri home fragrance room spray immediately infuses your surroundings with your favorite aroma and adds an instant touch of ambiance. It’s perfect for any occasion when you want a quick mood brightener, because the room takes on a whole new personality depending on the scent you choose.


Take your pick of our classic Claire Burke aromas, or try something new and different from the selection of mini home fragrance sprays

A graceful fusion of smooth glass and balanced reeds, the Scented Reed Fragrance Diffusers match the color and décor of any room. Elegant reeds absorb the oil and continually diffuse fragrance into your space.


While the slender reeds create a Zen-like appearance, the glass diffuser offers a variety of color choices, each one reflecting the spirit of your chosen fragrance. Traditional Claire Burke scents as well as special seasonal aromas are available in fragrance diffusers of various sizes, so you can mix and match the scent to the mood of an individual room...or create a theme that spreads throughout your home